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The SoundsWright Day offers top class training in media and presentation skills.

Our day was well and truly made with the following feedback from our course in Manchester for First Transpennine Express, the UK’s rail operator of the year.




 We had a great group,  thoroughly enjoyed the day and, as others have said, was pleased to start filming so early in the day to take away the mystery.

The Paxman interview taught me a lot and Alan was relentless (what a great guy!)

You have to concentrate to the end…. I’m pleased to have learnt that on the course, not on the telly/radio.

I’m really pleased with everyone’s feedback and I’ll happily be an advocate when this is fed back to the exec.


Chris Nutton
Programme Director
First TransPennine Express


Hi. I was unsure what to expect from the day.  In my head l  thought we would be spending most of the day in a classroom environment learning how to deal with the media. That didn’t happen!!

The day was very well organised, very structured. The interview in Manchester city centre was an experience to say the least, once again the guys explained exactly what was going to happen.

Back in the studio the nerves kicked in, however, Alan and the guys were absolutely fantastic thoroughly explaining what we were about to do.

Hopefully the experience I gained will help me if I’m ever interviewed by the media in the future.

I would like to thank Alan and his team for a very enjoyable experience.

P.S has anyone noticed I have a very strong Geordie accent!!!

Stephen O’Doherty


I found the training a real source of learning, the guys put you at your ease and provide help and support throughtout the day.
I feel better equipped to stand before a camera if the need arises. I used the training day as a booster for my recent presentation to TOCs and BTP.
Great venue and very enjoyable day

Many thanks


Billy Vickers
Service Quality Manager


Completely nerve wracking to start with but a good idea to get all of us to Piccadilly very early in the day to get the first stint in front of the camera out of the way. This saved me spending the whole day worrying about it! Alan and the team were very professional, knowledgeable, encouraging and their feedback was good. By the end of the day I felt very proud of myself and felt I had overcome a big scary hurdle. I know I will have big nerves when faced with a ‘live’ situation but now have the confidence to deal with it (it’s now something that’s in my ‘stretch’ zone and not my ‘panic’ zone!).

Judith Penman


THOROUGHLY enjoyable course in my opinion with excellent content, atmosphere and a good insight into how to perform from a media perspective.
After some initial apprehension I believe from all of us on the day, Alan and his team made us feel at ease not only with the methods, equipment etc, but also with ourselves and we were given some really good tips and ideas as to handling the media.
Really enjoyed the session at Manchester Piccadilly when we were all put under the spotlight around the hustle and bustle of the station and the usual face pulling,’Hi Mum in on the TV’ public trying to get on camera
Highlight of the day for me was  the very ‘cringeworthy’, Jeremy Paxman like, live broadcast from the studio environment.  It felt like a lamb to the slaughter, but it did give us the opportunity to contain our emotions, personality and professionalism under what felt like extreme pressure.
Would most certainly be interested in doing something similar again.

Andy McNeil


I expected a lot of theory followed by a little piece in front of the camera, I was considering new underwear when I saw the set up and heard the plan for the day, however it was a great day, nothing like going in at the deep end.
Alan and his crew were great, they put us at ease and gave lots of tips, info and a really good insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

John Quinn


The training was very useful.  It was real out of the comfort zone stuff but having the opportunity to see that, actually it’s not that bad, was a definite bonus.  In fact, I recently had to carry out an independent investigation on behalf of the company and I found that I was using some of the techniques that Alan taught on the course whilst I was carrying out the interviews – now that was unexpected but seriously useful!!  So, in summary, I would recommend this course to all colleagues, even if they don’t intend representing the company in front of the camera.

Dave Walker


Really enjoyed the course, good pace, everything fully explained, venue really good, Alan and the lads really helpful, good energy from all involved.

Watching the DVD back has been useful if not a little embarrassing but has made me work on a couple of mannerisms that I knew I had but seemed magnified on the TV (booked into plastic surgeon to put right!)

Really good all round.

David Mulhall


Overall, feedback for the course very positive, I thought it was great fun, really informative and far more engaging and interactive than other courses I’ve been on.


Matt Wildman



ENDS *************

Another email from a very satifsfied client sums up what we are about. We recently carried out a very successful week of training in media and presentation skills for Caterpillar at their major base at Desford near Leicester (see also Top Cats post) and one of the course members was Matt J Wilson who said:

2 weeks after the media training course @ Desford I had my first opportunity to ‘test-out’ our newly honed skills. We recently appointed Hited as our distributor for Russia and on 19th May I was invited to attend their ‘Open Day’ in St Petersburg. Over 100 attendees were present, from existing customers, OEM’s, potential new customers and 12 representatives from the press.

After lunch all ‘presenters’ had 1-on-1 interviews with the press; personally I had three separate interviews; this was followed by a panel interview of all presenters by 12 press reporters.

The media course not only instilled increased confidence in myself but also taught me how to ‘steer’ my answers in order to convey my message – as such was an invaluable course, that I would recommend to anyone.

Courses are available over one or two days, and can be held either at your premises, at a hotel local to you, or at the idyllic Seaham Hall venue. Or let us suggest another interesting location to add something special to your course.

We have a very busy diary with major clients in public sector, travel industry, and major companies in UK and Middle East. We are delighted to say that many of our bookings are repeat business from very happy clients.

We have just competed our pilot scheme teaching 600 young people the value of presentation skills and high aspirations.

Use the links to find out more about the excellent service we provide, and please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help further.

We can help you to sound better – and feel better!

We look forward to working with you – Alan Wright & Wendy Gibson.